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Don't 'dump' social safety net, tax rich not workers, fairer voting system, full healthcare and get state troops out of the wars.


SACRAMENTO (Dec 30, 2010) - The Green Party of California's 2011 New Year Resolutions implore the state and residents to not dump the "social safety net," and calls for citizens to vote their conscience and not the lesser of two evils; a more fair electoral system; an end to the state national guard's participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; full healthcare and full civil rights for all Californians and taxing the rich instead of the working poor. The full list of 2011 "Green" resolutions:

  1. That voters be encouraged to vote their conscience, and not lesser of two evils, Prop14 be repealed and we create a more fair electoral system, with proportional representation, ranked choice voting and public financing to minimize the power of special interests.
  2. That the Legislature pass, and Governor sign a measure providing single payer universal health care for all Californians.
  3. That Californians help prevent climate change by using less fossil fuel, supporting "alternative" forms of power such as wind and solar, recycling and eliminating their consumption of single-use plastic bottles and shopping bags.
  4. That the tax system be overhauled so that the very wealthy pay their fair share, instead of putting such a heavy burden on working families.
  5. That full human rights and civil rights be extended to all Californians, regardless of race, sex, age or sexual orientation.
  6. That the California Public Utilities Commission move immediately to promote decentralized, community power generation (which benefits the community economically and is inherently more secure than the mega-projects now planned) as the PRIMARY means of meeting California's Renewable Energy goals for 2020.
  7. That California institute a fair immigration policy, and offer full citizenship to anyone who wants it.
  8. That California address problems that disproportionally affect women, including human trafficking and unequal pay for equal work.
  9. That California defend the "social safety net," and provide assistance when needed, including to the poorest, sickest and oldest, instead of forsaking 98 percent of Californians for lower taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent.
  10. That the Legislature vote to immediately end the participation of the California National Guard in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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