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Green Party founder offers to replace Ross Johnson as FPPC commissioner, cites need for fairness in elections, end 'sham' of pretending to fairly regulate election process


SACRAMENTO (April 20, 2010) - Green Party of California co-founder Hank Chapot - declaring that he can be much more objective than a major party choice - has offered to replace retiring Fair Political Practices Commissioner Ross Johnson.

Chapot would replace Johnson, who took over as FPPC chair in 2007. Johnson was an Assemblymember for nearly 20 years, and was Republican Assembly leader from 1988-91.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger must pick a replacement, but the appointee cannot be a Democrat. And he should not be a Republican, as Johnson was, said Chapot.

"Everyone knows our politicians are bought and paid for...the FPPC hasn't done a thing to stop that. It's become worse. It's like the fox guarding the hen house," said Chapot.

"I will not carry the baggage of an appointee from one of the major parties that have made a mockery of fair elections in California. I will not continue the sham of pretending to fairly regulate the election process," Chapot added.

"I will uphold the fairness in elections in California, where corporations continue to unduly influence candidates and elections to the detriment of all the voters. I will advocate for a level playing field for all candidates, who should be free from any such corporate and special interest influence," Chapot said.

Chapot, 55, is a gardener employed by UC Berkeley, and former candidate for Assembly. He is a native of San Francisco, and holds a B.A. in Biology from San Francisco State. He resides in Oakland.


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