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Governor Budget Response:
Green Party hits governor's protection of the wealthy, while punishing children, elderly and poorest in the state


SACRAMENTO (January 8, 2010) - Despite claiming "we all share the pain," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget proposal announced today again protects his wealthy friends and imposes cruel, draconian and life-threatening cuts on the poor, the elderly and children, said the Green Party of California Friday.

"The failure by the governor and legislature address the state's ongoing structural deficit leads to these unacceptable cuts. There are answers, including reforms like a split roll for Prop. 13, closing corporate tax loopholes, a more progressive income tax and promoting real Green jobs to create a more sustainable and just economy," Lisa Green, Green Party candidate in the 53rd Assembly District.

"The governor maintains 'children come first,' but his budget proposal eliminates the Healthy Families program for children's health care, and slashes more than $1 billion for other programs that provide relief for the poorest families. How is that supporting our children?" added Green.

Greens also note that the governor is chopping billions off In-Home Supportive Services and Medi-Cal that would put the seniors and those without health care in the state at great risk. In a statement, the GPCA spokesperson Derick Iversen said:

"The governor brags that he won't raise taxes, but that protects not the average citizen but the very wealthy . The failure to fund essential services is a de facto tax increase on working Californians to the benefit of the wealthiest in our state who don't pay their fair share. Even his promise to reduce the prison population by moving prisoners to county jails hurts because it will force hard-hit municipalities to make even more cuts in their health and human services to pay for it. Finally, the governor had promised to protect education, but why then does his budget cut $111.9 million in funding for future growth at CSU and UC? It doesn't make sense. But it's all part of a flim-flam scheme that hurts our state when more honest and fair remedies are possible."


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