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Governor message falls short of being 'Green,' threatens state's environmental health while wrongly privatizing public jobs, charges Green Party of California


SACRAMENTO (January 6, 2010) - Gov. Schwarzenegger's State of the State address falls woefully short of being "Green" - and, in fact, threatens the environmental health of California - and holds hostage schools and jobs by shamelessly promoting his pro-agribusiness $10 billion water bond proposal, charged the Green Party of California Wednesday.

The state's environmental political party had nothing good to say about the governor's speech:

"The governor again puts private business first, and the people and planet last. His proposals to 'streamline' environmental reports torpedoes necessary protections, and would take away local community control and input," said the party in a statement released Wednesday.

"The governor lauded his new water legislation, claiming it's needed to provide jobs and schools, in effect holding them hostage if voters don't approve his ill-conceived water bonds, which profit his wealthy friends, and make privatization of water resource easier at the expense of the citizens, who are the true owners of that water," said Wes Rolley of the GPUS eco-action committee.

The Greens also said the governor's proposal to exempt "green tech" from sales tax is another smokescreen. "We could support this to some degree in theory, but what really is 'green tech'? We expect the details of this will show it's not really planet-friendly but another gimmick to help business at the expense of hurting the planet, and the poorest among us," said Jack Lindblad, Green Party candidate in the 39th Assembly District.

"We oppose further privatization of the public portion of the state's economy. It will not relieve the income volatility of the tax system, but will instead put more money in the pockets of corporations, who do not contribute their fare share of taxes," said Lisa Green, Green Party candidate in the 53rd Assembly District.

"The governor is correct when he says the proposed federal health insurance reform plan would hurt California, but he is the one who has repeatedly vetoed legislation that would have brought universal, single-payer healthcare to the state. In South Los Angeles, we've struggled to re-open King/Drew County Hospital in Watts. Conditions at our hospitals and emergency rooms will only get worse," said Alex Walker, Green Party candidate in 47th Assembly District.

The governor's promise to limit prison costs is also short-sighted, said Greens, noting Schwarzenegger could easily solve that problem by reducing the prison population, and releasing non-violent prisoners and those in for life for minor crimes. But he's refused to do so.


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