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Green Party in California opposes Obama escalation of Afghan War, calls it a 'betrayal' of voters; promises to run more candidates for state, federal office as the true peace party


SACRAMENTO (December 1, 2009) - The Green Party of California today said it opposes President Obama's expected decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan in a speech Tuesday, and that it will run more Greens for state and federal office because it is clear the Democratic Party - with few exceptions - is not the political party of peace.

"President Obama, if he sends tens of thousands more troops in to the quagmire in Afghanistan as expected, has betrayed those who voted for him believing he was going to end the wrong-headed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," said the GPCA in a statement released Tuesday.

The Green Party has opposed these wars and occupations from the beginning, and in California has run many congressional candidates opposed to the war.

"We will redouble our efforts to send Greens to Congress, and the statehouse in Sacramento because voters who support peace have been deceived by Obama and his party, and deserve a viable alternative: the Green Party," said Laura Wells, GPCA spokesperson and former candidate for state office.

Greens said they have recently launched new initiative to run candidates for the state Senate and Assembly so they can work on solutions to bring our National Guard home from the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"We urge the President to call a cease fire in Afghanistan, and an immediate withdrawal of all of troops and contractors, including those in the California National Guard," added Wells.


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