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Greens say Leg Office budget report today should spur voters to consider Green Party candidates over 'status quo' in 2010


SACRAMENTO (November 18, 2009) - The sobering budget report issued today by the Legislative Analyst's Office - revealing state annual budget deficits of $20 billion and $6.3 billion shortfall this fiscal year - is just another reason voters should dump the status quo in 2010, and consider Green candidates, said the Green Party of California Wednesday.

"The donkeys and elephants remain deadlocked in ideological conflict while people suffer, from students whose education is being flushed down the toilet, to everyday citizens stung with furloughs and future generations who will be hit by real costs hidden by bonds and other borrowing," said the GPCA in a statement.

"Recent polls show state lawmakers garnering 13 percent approval rate, and for good reason. While lawmakers consider silly plans like developing Treasure Island, we do nothing to solve the state's real problems. Greens recognize that any assumption of growth being able to cover current shortfalls is a dream.

"Too many events, from peak oil to climate change to water problems stand in the way of such economic growth and wishing will not make it happen. But Green candidates would require budget assumption based on achievement of a sustainable economy, one in which the cyclical nature of the economy does not destroy people's lives in order to achieve an illusory balance," concluded the GPCA statement.

"The super wealthy do not pay their fair share, and haven't for a long time. They pay a lower tax rate that the average Californian. Cutting salaries of workers who can barely pay their bills makes no sense. Those who reside in mansions should be made to pay their fair share," said Lisa Green, candidate for Assembly in the 53rd District.

The party also suggests Prop. 13 be amended so residential owners maintain their tax protection, but business property is reassessed.

The Greens - who criticized Democrats and Republicans for conducting much of the important business of state behind closed doors - said recent California election results indicate voters are finally realizing the two "major" parties are not getting the job done.

Greens captured wins in six of six local elections Nov. 3 - including one in Fairfax, a Bay Area city where members of the Green Party of California now hold a majority on the city council. Green Party members now hold at least 40 local offices statewide.

A test to see how Greens might do in 2010 comes Jan. 12, when a runoff for the 72nd Assembly District (Orange County) will be held. Jane Rands, the Green Party candidate in a very conservative district, collected nearly 7 times the Green Party registration in the primary Nov. 17.


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