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Green Party calls state Supreme Court decision to uphold Prop. 8 a 'sad day' for justice and equality; put blame not only on GOP, but Democratic Party


SACRAMENTO (May 20, 2009) – The Green Party of California - in response to the California Supreme Court decision upholding Prop. 8's ban against gay marriages - said today it's a "sad day" when the "state moves backward instead of forward towards justice and equality.

The Green Party, which has supported same-sex marriages since its inception - the Democrats finally did it last year, said it was pleased that the court did validate the same-sex marriages already legalized.

"It's a very sad day when we lose rights and move backward, instead of forward, toward justice and equality. How can the court allow discrimination to be written into our statutes?" said Starlene Rankin, Lavender Green Caucus co-chair.

"The decision goes against our country's core values of liberty and justice and it will be overturned. The grassroots organizing has already begun and thousands of activists are motivated more than ever to restore equality at the ballot box," she added.

"The result was not unexpected, and the legal apparatus of the state is behind the times, as the law generally is a question of 'when,' not 'f." This is an example of irrational non-humanistic beliefs, and the naked political power of corporations, religious and otherwise," said Shane Que Hee, co-coordinator of the GPCA Platform Committee.

"The mixed messages over Prop. 8 at the state level stem from the belated decision of the Democratic Party of California to not support same-sex marriage until 2008," he added.

"Republicans put Prop. 8 on the November 2008 ballot in a futile attempt to lure more bigots to vote for McCain and Palin. Democrats let Prop. 8 win because, as is often the case, they lacked the guts to fight for unpopular minorities," said Alex Walker, a Los Angeles Green.


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