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Continue voter revolt: kick the rascals out, urges state Green Party after ballot propositions crushed Tuesday; Green candidates would better serve the people


SACRAMENTO (May 20, 2009) – Although the state's voters made it clear they did not like the status quo when they voted down five ballot measures Tuesday during the Special Election, they need to take the next step, urged the Green Party of California today.

"Voters used the ballot box to say they are disgusted with the Legislature and the Governor. Now they need to vote them out of office and replace them with candidates that represent the people," said Joe Feller, a Solano County Council member.

The Green Party has fielded those candidates -- voter friendly candidates -- for years, Feller said, noting that the Green Party also opposed the ballot measures, calling them a "rotten deal."

"Pundits say voters are 'angry and frustrated.' The only real way for them to really make their wishes known is to replace those in power, and that means the Democrats as well as the Republicans," said Los Angeles Green Alex Walker.

Greens said the answer to the state's budget woes is cutting waste, but not workers' jobs.

"The super wealthy do not pay their fair share, and haven't for a long time. They pay a lower tax rate that the average Californian. Cutting salaries of workers who can barely pay their bills makes no sense. Those who reside in mansions should be made to pay their fair share," said Lisa Green, a Green Party candidate for Assembly in the 53rd District.

Greens also have suggested Prop. 13 be amended so that the while residential owners maintain their tax protection, business property should be reassessed to raise billions.

But, primarily, the state Green Party urged voters to continue their mini-revolt and replace the Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature with alternative party candidates from the Green Party who would act first to protect the rights of the voters, not special interests.


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