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Billion dollar profits of Chevron targeted by Greens in Richmond to help youth and the environment; Green Party mayor touts Measure T passage


RICHMOND (October 29, 2008) - Greens are not just supporting - but in the case of Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin - spearheading a measure in Richmond which would cost Chevron's refinery about $26.5 million a year, more than 400 times what the billion-dollar oil producer is now paying Richmond.

Even if the measure does pass, it appears Chevron wouldn't be hurting. The company pocketed net profits of nearly $19 billion in 2007, and banked profits of $6 billion alone in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

Measure T in Richmond, charges McLaughlin, a Green Party member and mayor for two years, is "only fair" because it would force large manufacturers like Chevron to "pay their fair share" of running Richmond. The measure would levy a business license fee on manufacturers and help Richmond, which has high unemployment.

"Measure T will bring sorely needed funds into Richmond, maybe as much as $26 million from Chevron, so we can provide green jobs and job training, as well as serve our residents by way of better streets, violence prevention programs and recreational opportunities," said McLaughlin.

According to the Richmond Greens, the passage of Measure T will raise needed monies for an already working solar installation jobs program, which trains Richmond youth for real, and Green jobs. The measure's passage will also "help an urban agriculture project to provide work and quality produce for city residents."

Another Green Party-backed ballot measure is Prop. H in San Francisco, just a couple of miles away, pits progressives and Greens against PG&E, which is spending millions of dollars to defeat Prop. H, which would create a "Green Economy Revolution" by mandating clean energy in San Francisco using alternative fuel sources. SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and SF supervisor candidate Mark Sanchez, both Greens, are aggressively backing the measure.

Meanwhile, a trial began this week in San Francisco where Nigerian defendants are suing Chevron in federal court for human rights violations, including murder, because they say San Ramon-based Chevron was responsible for a deadly clash 10 years ago that led to the deaths of Nigerian activists.

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