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Controversial congressional candidate TV ad begins airing linking 9/11, Patriot Act to bailout; Rep. Eshoo attacked on election fraud, 9/11 probe


PALO ALTO (Oct 29, 2008) - A controversial, new television ad linking 9/11, the Patriot Act, the financial crash and bailout to controlled demolitions, criminal fraud, and treason began running Wednesday during prime time television shows.

The spot - to air more than 200 times throughout the district during prime and near prime cable stations CNN, Fox News, CNBC and others - is sponsored by Carol Brouillet, the Green Party challenger in California's Congressional District 14.

The spot can be found at youtube.

Brouillet is a critic of corporate globalization and a strong advocate for local currencies and monetary reform. In her paper "Evolution of the Apocalypse- Empire's Demise- Human Renaissance," she notes that those most responsible for 9/11 and the global financial bubble have been promoted and rewarded rather than tried for their role in criminal frauds.

Brouillet has been extremely critical of incumbent Rep. Eshoo's resistance to impeachment, to a real investigation of 9/11, to securing civil liberties and voting rights. It prompted Brouillet to run in 2006 and this year to unseat Eshoo.


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