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Green Party SF supervisor helps introduce San Francisco 'Clean Energy Act' ballot measure, declares it has 'scared' power company giant PG&E


SAN FRANCISCO (July 22, 2008) - A November ballot measure that would create a groundbreaking clean energy standard that has power giant PG&E "scared" - according to San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, a longtime Green Party member - was presented here today by environmental and social justice organizations.

The San Francisco Clean Energy Act will enable San Francisco to take community control of its energy future and adopt clean electricity mandates for the City of 51 percent by 2017, 75 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2040, said Mirkarimi, an original sponsor of the measure.

"San Franciscans deserve less waste of ratepayer dollars, more green energy, less misleading and hollow green marketing, and true accountability with regard to our city's renewable energy future. It's no wonder why PG&E is so scared of this very simple Charter mandated feasibility study," Mirkarimi said.

Mirkarimi explained that the Act is a quick response to the global climate crisis, and an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. The measure lets the community, not power companies, make energy decisions, and provides reliable, sustainable and less costly energy.

Sierra Club representative John Rizzo, a Green Party member who is on the San Francisco Community College Board, noted that "The San Francisco Clean Energy Act is in line with Al Gore's call for 100 percent renewable energy.

"Not only is the Act a huge step forward in the fight against global warming, but it will help make the Bay Area the center of a new green energy industry," Rizzo said.

In addition to Greens Mirkarimi and Rizzo, environmental and social justice organizations supporting the Energy Act included the Sierra Club, San Francisco Tomorrow, ACORN, San Francisco Green Party, League of Young Voters, and Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice, State Assemblyman Mark Leno, Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Tom Ammiano


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