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Dems, GOP 'fiddle while Rome (health care system) burns' charge Greens; note that tens of millions of Californians face winter season without even basic health care


SACRAMENTO (Nov. 30, 2007) - The leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties continue to, in effect, "fiddle while Rome burns" forcing millions of Californians to face a cold winter with no health care, the Green Party of California said today.

Greens charged it's politics as usual, citing the announcement that Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez - supported by Republican Party leadership - has now canceled floor sessions Dec. 5 and 6 to work on a statewide health care overhaul..

"People without insurance face serious illnesses during the cold months ahead, but are being ignored by politicians who would rather 'fiddle while Rome burns,' and by that I mean our failing health care system," said Dr. Bob Vizzard, a GPCA spokesperson, and emergency room doctor.

Comments by Nunez that Democrats were delaying work on health care legislation to forge a new "compromise," also suggest the insurance industry and other special interests will get what they want, not the voters.

"People get sick. But, many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle play political games by introducing health care bills designed to please the Governor, or special interests like the insurance industry, yet fail all Californians," said Vizzard. "This is why we need an alternative party not beholden to special interests. Lawmakers are playing 'who's king of the sandbox,' and insurance companies bleed dry working men and women in this state," he added.

The Green Party has officially endorsed only universal, single player proposals from Sen. Sheila Kuehl, which cover all Californians. Those plans proposed by the leadership of both the GOP and Democrats would leave millions of Californians "out-in-the-cold."


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