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Green Party congressional candidate qualifies for runoff, focuses campaign on ending war in Iraq, creating 'urban sustainability' program in his district


LONG BEACH (June 29, 2007) - Green Party congressional candidate Daniel Abraham Brezenoff's aggressive showing in Tuesday's special election in the 37th Congressional District is a shining example of Greens can make a difference in elections dominated by a bloated two-party system, said the Green Party of California Thursday.

Brezenoff ( garnered more votes than nine candidates - seven Democrats, two Republicans and a Libertarian - in a crowded field to qualify for a runoff election Aug. 21 with the leading Democratic Party vote-getter, Laura Richardson, Republican John Kanaley and Libertarian Herb Peters.

Most importantly, Brezenoff remains focused on the issues that effect voters - the Iraq war, universal single-payer healthcare and the environment - while the leading Democrats in the race often spent time attacking each other, sometimes on personal issues.

"I intend to make (Richardson) work very hard for the seat," said Brezenoff at a post-primary election news conference Wednesday, citing ending the war in Iraq and a "New Deal for Sustainability" proposal, which would promote public transportation, electric cars, solar power and other green-friendly actions in federal and state public works programs.

"The 37th District could be transformed into a model for urban sustainability," said Brezenoff, a clinical social worker who works with abused children and disabled vets. He insists his campaign is just gearing up for the race against Richardson in the runoff, despite being outspent in the primary - the two leading Democrats spent $200 per vote, and Brezenoff spent just $4 per vote.

"The Brezenoff campaign illustrates again that Green Party candidates, although outspent by corporate-financed and influenced Democrats and Republicans, attract voters because Greens focus on resolving the major problems facing Californians and the rest of the country," said Dr. Robert Vizzard, a member of the GPCA coordinating committee.

At least 55 Greens hold elected office currently in the state, including five mayors or mayors pro-tem, 11 members of city councils/boards of supervisors and 13 on boards of education.


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