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Greens strongly condemn legislation to restore "Nuclear Dracula" in California; Urge defeat of bill to bring back nuclear power


SACRAMENTO, Ca. (April 16, 2007) - The Green Party of California Monday strongly denounced legislation - scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources Monday - that repeals an, in effect, moratorium on construction of new nuclear fission power plants in the state.

AB 719, authored by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Orange County, suggests that nuclear energy could "reduce greenhouse gas emissions" and repeals the 1976 statute prohibiting any new nuclear fission power plants until the California Energy Commission determines it is safe to dispose of high-level nuclear waste. The CEC says the disposal technology does not exist.

"This Nuclear Dracula, as it has been called, must be kept in its grave. The Green Party of California, which has been consistent in calling for the halt to all nuclear power plants, is strongly opposed to this misguided bill and any move to produce nuclear wastes, which cannot be stored safely," the party said in a statement Monday.

The GPCA, in its platform, points out that nuclear energy is a spin-off from military nuclear weapons production, and gave an ideological justification for continued proliferation of nuclear technology by making nuclear fission appear more benevolent and promoted the myth that nuclear power (is) safe and cheap.

The Green Party, which also opposes the use of nuclear energy for irradiation of food products, use in international transportation and trade and being carried aboard craft launched into space, has called for reducing Greenhouse emissions through conservation, and the development of alternative energy programs, such as wind and solar.

Of the four nuclear power plants developed in California, only two - Diablo Canyon and the San Onofre station - continue to operate.


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