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California Greens celebrate Cesar Chavez legacy as Latino leader and his non-violent struggle for social justice; Greens also note some state schools avoid holiday


SACRAMENTO, Ca. (March 30, 2007) - The Green Party of California joins with other political organizations and the people of California, and the nation, to commemorate the life of farm labor leader Cesar Chavez celebrated today (Friday) through this weekend with marches and other events throughout the state. March 31 is a holiday in eight states.

Nativo Lopez, a member of the Green party and president of the Mexican American Political Association, has stated that Cesar Chavez has guided generations of social justice activists.

"Cesar was the greatest advocate within the Latino community for the principles of non-cooperation and non-violence to fight for social justice. His legacy lives on with the thousands of labor and social activists he mentored," said Lopez, who joined the Green Party several years ago, and urged other Latino organizations to do the same because he said Greens represent the best hope for them.

Greens also noted that many schools in the state have avoided honoring Cesar Chavez Day by refusing to close on Friday, despite protests by Latino leaders. There was a walk-out early Friday by students in East LA and other southern California schools.

"We are concerned, as echoed by Latino activists in Berkeley where the school district refuses to honor the holiday, that although Cesar Chavez Day has been a state holiday for seven years, it is not recognized as it should be - as an important day to honor a Latino civil rights activist," said Cres Vellucci, a MAPA member, and GPCA press secretary. He said many schools do honor the holiday, including those in San Francisco and Oakland.


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