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Early CA presidential primary hurts voters, turns primary into even more of a 'big bucks' contest that limits ballot box choice, charge Greens


SACRAMENTO (February 1, 2007) - Moving up the presidential primary would only further corrupt an already undemocratic process by turning the primary into even more of a "big bucks" contest and limit choices for voters, charged members of the Green Party of California Thursday.

The idea, said the Greens, now being floated by legislative leaders and the governor to move up the presidential primary from June to February is, in short, not good for voters.

"Only the best financed candidates can win, or even compete. The big money early primary will destroy an semblance of retail, or meet-the-voters politics in Iowa or New Hampshire, where a dark horse candidate has at least a whisper of a chance," said Dr. Robert Vizzard, a former State Senate candidate from Auburn.

"Why not just put the presidency, especially in California, up for bid and stop the pretense? Let's abandon the transparent sham that the people have anything to do with the electoral process. Those with the most money win, and an early primary only accelerate this," said Vizzard.

Critics of moving the primary - from all parties - have noted that moving it would work to the advantage of candidates supported by "big-bucks" contributors, said Jonathan Lundell of the GPCA Election Reform Working Group.

"California is an enormously expensive state to campaign in, and the early primary will bar the way for grassroots candidates even more. All of this 'done deal' talk about moving the primary up is an indication that this entire process is being pushed through without public input, and without regard to the public interest," Lundell said.


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