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Greens state-of-state reaction: Schwarzenegger plan can't succeed without taking big money out of state politics, Greens contend


SACRAMENTO (January 9, 2007, 6:01 p.m.) - Gov. Schwarzenegger's state of state message delivered late today gave priority to schools, the environment, prisons, political reform and healthcare - but his plan has no real chance of succeeding because the governor refuses to address the seedy influence of big corporate money in politics, responded the Green Party of California.

"The governor wants a redistricting plan, but the real problem - at the heart of voter discontent - is that powerful special interests simply buy the legislation they want through obscene campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans. Big money needs to be taken out of politics. The governor did not mention it because he knows it fuels his party, and the Democratic Party," said Erika McDonald, San Francisco Green Party spokesperson.

Greens also said Schwarzenegger had it wrong when he called for more money for more prisons rather than take a hard look at mandated sentencing guidelines.

"But before we talk about spending more taxpayer money on incarceration instead of education, let's talk about reforming "3-strikes" law, so that the prisons are not full of thousands of people serving life sentences, many who have committed crimes no more serious than stealing a lawnmower or cheating on a DMV test," said Michael Feinstein, former mayor of Santa Monica and co-chair of the GPCA Coordinating Committee.

And, although he made it to sound very theatrical, the governor's promise to sign an executive order mandating a reduction the carbon content in fuels by 10 percent rang hollow because the order wouldn't go into effect until at least 2020.

"Again, the governor make it sound good and look good, but he misses the mark in solutions - in large part because big political money spenders are pulling his strings," added McDonald.

The Greens already criticized Arnold's health plan because it gives too much to powerful insurance interests, yet mandates health insurance purchases by the working poor and strapped middle class.


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