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2006 was very good year for Green Party of California, which cemented its position as alternative political party for dissatisfied voters


SACRAMENTO (December 29, 2006) - The Green Party of California said today that 2006 cemented its position as the alternative political party for the growing number of dissatisfied voters in the state.

The party cited significant electoral gains in 2006 - punctuated by the upset win by Gayle McLaughlin, who although outspent by about 4-1, defeated the incumbent mayor of Richmond and became the first-ever directly elected Green city mayor in California. Her victory gave the Greens 19 wins during 2006, and they now hold 50 elected offices in the state, from mayor to numerous city council, boards of education and other local offices.

Greens, who ran in every state constitutional election and a bevy of candidates for Legislature, Senate and the House, also made strides. In particular Sarah Knopp, a high school teacher who came within a few votes of forcing incumbent Jack O'Connell into a runoff, spent just $3,000, and finished with 17.3 percent of the vote, and nearly 696,000 votes - the most ever garnered by a Green candidate in California.

Greens running for Congress forced Democrats and Republicans to confront the war in Iraq and troubles at home, garnering vote totals many times the percentage of registered Greens in their district. Barry Hermanson, running in San Francisco's 12th Assembly district, won nearly 13 percent of the vote, the highest percentage by any Green, or third party candidate, in the state running against a Republican and Democratic.

California's Greens also played key roles in initiatives, including electoral reform in Oakland. Voters there approved Measure O to authorize Instant Runoff Voting, which allows voters more freedom to choose among all candidates, regardless of party. Other important notes for the GPCA in 2006 included:

  • More participation in party affairs by prominent civil rights and social justice activists, including 2006 Democratic Party gubernatorial Primary candidate and death penalty opponent Barbara Becnel, who re-registered Green following the June election.
  • The adoption of official party planks by the Green Party General Assembly that would call for amnesty for all immigrants, and allow undocumented immigrants to vote, strong support for unions, increased protections for the elderly, an end agricultural commodity dumping and support for strong measures to clean the state's air.


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