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Greens urge end to holiday fur sales, charge cruel practice bad for the environment, animals and Third World children recruited to kill fur-bearing animals


SAN FRANCISCO (December 5, 2006) - Banning the sale of all animal fur is a social justice issue that would save the lives of animals, reduce pollution and end exploitation of workers - many of them children, according to Green Party activists here in Northern California who are asking holiday shoppers to shun the product during the holiday season.

The Green Party of California is the only state political party that has a platform plank specifically calling for an end to animal fur sales. And, fur traders are increasingly raising their fur in Third World Countries and hiring children to slaughter fur-bearing animals, including rabbits, dogs and cats, according to the Animal Advocacy Working Group of the San Francisco Green Party.

"We deplore the factory-farm conditions under which animals are raised and then killed, and we deplore the experience of these exploited children, who are told that the only way to make a living is by inflicting terrible pain and violence against other living beings," said Chin Chi of the Greens' animal advocacy group.

Animals, said Chi, are gassed, have their necks broken and electrocuted so their fur can be used on coats, lingerie and even fake eyelashes for actresses. Fur coats are rare, but fur trim has found its way into many products purchased by unsuspecting consumers.

Although many major retailers have, after decades of battles with anti-fur activists, reduced or even stopped selling fur, many prominent retailers - including Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue - continue to promote fur.

"Our hope is that other stores will stop their sale of furs and follow the lead of the fashion retailers of conscience and courage, including J. Crew, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, and Ann Taylor. The continued success of their businesses will show the world that human beings can ensure and improve their own material life without hurting other living beings," added Chi.

The San Francisco Green Party was the first organization to endorse a proposal to ban the sale of fur in San Francisco in 2001. About 2,000 postcards supporting this ban poured into the offices of San Francisco's supervisors about the time that former SF Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, who supported and promoted the ban, ran, and narrowly lost, for SF Mayor.


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