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Green Party of California predicts Iraq war discontent will help increase vote for Green candidates today, add to 61 already in office


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SACRAMENTO (November 7, 2006) - California voter discontent over the war in the Iraq - and the role played by Democrats and Republicans in the bloodshed - will help Green Party candidates do well at the polls today, said the Green Party of California Tuesday, expecting to add to the 61 Greens already holding office in the state.

The GPCA said there are 58 Green Party candidates on the ballot - from governor and other state offices, to the Assembly and Senate, Congress and a bevy of local offices.

Seven Greens are running for Constitutional offices, led by Peter Miguel Camejo, who, in his last run as a candidate and third gubernatorial race, is urging Democrats and other voters to "vote their conscience" because the Democrat, Phil Angelides, is down nearly 20 percentage points and cannot win. Greens will also field one U.S. Senate candidate, seven for House seats, two for California Senate and six more for Assembly.

Greens expect the war in Iraq - with the Greens as the only national party calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops - will help Greens in the polls, especially San Francisco anti-war activist Todd Chretien, who has a good chance to garner a "million votes for peace" in his campaign against incumbent and pro-war democrat Dianne Feinstein.

The war is also helping Green house candidates, including civil rights attorney and former Pasadena mayor, Bill Paparian (29th District), Byron DeLear (28th District, running against a pro-war democrat), law professor and civil rights attorney Jeff Kravitz (5th District) and Krissy Keefer (8th District, running against Rep. Nancy Pelosi).

And, in local races, 15 incumbents are among 35 Greens running in municipal and county races throughout the state. Aimee Allison is among the favorites in the Oakland City Council election, while Gayle McLaughlin, a city council member in Richmond, is vying for the Mayor's spot.


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