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Greens, social justice activists will 'crash' Bohemian Club gathering this weekend; Colin Powell is among the targets


Attn: Weekend Editors

BOHEMIAN GROVE (Sonoma County) - Green Party members will join the Bohemian Grove Action Network and social justice activists here this weekend to "crash" the exclusive San Francisco Bohemian Club gathering of elite military, political - members include past U.S. Presidents - and corporate leaders.

Former Bush Administration cabinet member Colin Powell is among the targets of the protest Saturday at 1 p.m. in the main Monte Rio Parking lot in western Sonoma County. At 2 p.m. there will be a march to the gates of Bohemian Grove.

Every Republican president since Herbert Hoover, recent cabinet members Donald H. Rumsfeld and Powell, and "notables" including Henry Kissinger, James Baker and members of Joint Chiefs of Staff are in the Bohemian Club, which has been holding secret meetings for more than 130 years. Critics this weekend charge the "club" is a concentration of power and wealth that subverts legitimate political processes.

Protests began about 25 years ago when it was learned that political and military leaders, scientists and corporate executives were using the gatherings to float ideas - from plans for the Manhattan Project to the World Bank and nuclear weapons - about public policy without public scrutiny.

"This is the biggest back room in the world," said Paul Encimer, a member of the Green Party of California Coordinating Committee. "Many of the corporate heads coming to this encampment have profited immeasurably from the insider status this club offers."

"These men are the elite, the aristocracy, in this country. Some of them run the war machinery, others profit from it, all are complicit in the war in Iraq," added Don Eichelberger, co-coordinator of the Green Issue Working Group.

For directions and other info, call Mary Moore 707 874 2248 Bohemian Grove Action Network.


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