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Green Party of California warns attacks on immigrants taking place in the heart of Los Angeles, not just Congress and at the border


LOS ANGELES (May 19, 2006) - Attacks on Latino immigrants are not only happening at a militarized California-Mexico border and in Congress, but in the heart of Los Angeles where developers plan to evict mostly Latino community farmers from what has been described as the nation's largest urban farm, the Green Party of California warned today.

The 14-acre plot of land at Alameda and 41st streets in Los Angeles has sustained 360 Latino and indigenous families for more than a dozen years, allowing them to supplement their incomes with healthy crops of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants, said the GPCA.

But, now a major land developer - after being allowed to buy the land from the city at a bargain basement price - is expected to use local law enforcement officers to evict the farmers as early as next week, and then bulldoze the farm, according to Green Party congressional candidate Byron DeLear, (28th District, San Fernando).

DeLear, and others, blame the City of Los Angeles for the "sweetheart deal" that gave commercial real estate developer Ralph Horowitz the property for half of what it was sold for a decade ago.

"This is the time for the mayor, in particular, to step up. He has the power, under eminent domain, to protect the community's interests. We've seen eminent domain used and abused to protect commercial interests. For a change, let's see it used to benefit the community," said DeLear, who described the farm as a "national treasure that needs to be protected."

"This urban farm provides a safe, children-friendly environment and is an oasis of green-space that helps to lessen air and water pollution in the surrounding community. The mayor and city council need to do more," said Donna Warren, the Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor and a native of South Central Los Angeles.

Other prominent Greens have protested the eviction, including Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association, and Los Angeles Green Linda Piera-Avila, who said the developer plans to build a WalMart warehouse in place of the garden.


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