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Use of National Guard to militarize border sends wrong signal, won't resolve immigration situation, say Green Party congressional candidates


SACRAMENTO (May 16, 2006) - President Bush's announcement Monday evening that the U.S. should send thousands of National Guard troops to the California border will only escalate the militarization of the border, and do nothing to resolve the immigration situation, said several Green Party congressional candidates today.

The candidates also condemned Bush's plan for immigration "reform" which would criminalize the millions of immigrants without documents.

"Militarizing the border is absolutely the wrong signal to send. It would make it look like we're at war. I am sure Americans would be stunned if thousands of Mexican Army troops took up positions along the border," said Jeff Kravitz, a constitutional law professor, civil rights attorney and candidate for Congress (5th District, Sacramento).

"This is hysteria upon hysteria, another stunt by the disinformation-driven Bush Administration that will do nothing to resolve the immigration situation," said Kravitz. "This will only serve to increase tensions along the border with an ally," he added.

Krissy Keefer (8th District., San Francisco), said that "troops at the border have huge implications. Not only does it further inflame the already deadly situation as it pertains to the immigrants and our relationship with Mexico, it lays the ground work for the continued militarization of our country.

"Militarizing our border in California with Mexico is just another example of President Bush's deteriorating presidency, as is the recent revelations of spying on Americans and the appointment of the military as head of the CIA. President Bush is playing with the fear factor. That's the only card he has left," Keefer said.

"These folks that are coming here for a better life are escaping a repressive environment. Trade agreements like NAFTA have ravaged the working class economy in Mexico which drives the migration northward. They come to America for hope and for a second chance - they come here seeking economic asylum," said Byron DeLear (28th District, San Fernando).


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