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Sen. Feinstein support for Bush CIA choice is just another reason California voters should abandon her, charge three Green Party candidates


SACRAMENTO (May 10, 2006) - Sen. Dianne Feinstein's support of President Bush's CIA pick Gen. Michael Hayden - generally regarded as the architect of the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program - is one more example why voters, including Democrats, should abandon her at the polls, said three Green Party candidates seeking to challenge Feinstein in November.

Green Party candidates Todd Chretien, Tian Harter and Kent Mesplay will face-off in California's Green Party Primary June 6 - and then zero in on Feinstein in November.

"I have no idea why anybody would want to smear their name by saying good things about this nominee. This guy was the architect, implementer, and chief defender of the illegal wiretap program which we thought was prevented by FISA.," said Harter.

"Hayden's appointment illustrates the total inability of the Bush White House to make an intelligent decision. Even Republican loyalists on Capitol Hill are seething with frustration and anger over it," added Harter.

Chretien noted Hayden is a "dangerous man" and that Feinstein's support for a better spy chief demonstrates she and other Democrats are more interested in election year politics than ending the war in Iraq.

But, he warned that the anti-war movement should avoid joining the anti-Hayden chorus, calling the whole thing a "sideshow" and distraction. "The anti-war movement should be planning protests against the escalation of the air war in Iraq and danger of impending military action against Iran," Chretien said.

And, Kent Mesplay, the other Green in the US Senate race in June, said "Bush choosing Hayden to fill the job once held by Bush's father smacks of more ‘Big Brother.' Control freaks like Bush need conformity and uniformity among their ‘yes people.'

"And, how is it that Feinstein gets away with being opposed to eavesdropping yet she says she supports Master Eavesdropper Hayden?" asked Mesplay.


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