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Green Party of California fully endorses May 1 immigrant rights rallies; Chastise Democrats for not supporting boycott, full legalization


SACRAMENTO (April 30, 2006) - The Green Party of California has officially endorsed - in sharp contrast to the Democratic and Republican parties - the massive rallies planned Monday for the "Great American Boycott/A Day Without an Immigrant" all around the state and country.

The Greens said they fully support the right, and the will, of the Latino Community to not go to school, or work and, in effect, not buy anything Monday, May 1.

"We encourage everyone, immigrant or not, to support this very important day," spokesperson Pat Driscoll said. "We ask all Green Party members participate by not going to work, or school, or buying anything, and attend a pro-immigrant rally near where they live."

Greens are quick to point out the major difference between them and the Democrats - just Saturday Sen. Dianne Feinstein, at the Democratic State Convention, said she did not support the boycott and urged students and workers to stay home.

However, two Green Party candidates vying to be the one to battle Feinstein in November for the Senate seat, support the boycott and full legalization for immigrants.

"Nothing short of equality is acceptable," said Todd Chretien, one Senate hopeful, while Tian Harter, another Green running for Senate said: "We need amnesty."

And, Green Party congressional candidate Jeff Kravitz (5th, Sacramento) chastised Democrats at a rally at the Democratic Convention Saturday, noting Democrats are absent "while millions of workers in America are denied basic rights because of their immigration status."

"We do not need a 'temporary worker program' as Republicans and Democrats support that will allow even more exploitation of these workers, but rather a program for amnesty and full legalization that will grant all workers full citizenship in a timely manner," said Kravitz, a constitutional law professor.


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