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Greens endorse Earth Day celebrations Saturday, mass demonstrations against President Bush's appearances in California this weekend


SACRAMENTO (April 21, 2006) - Members of the Green Party of California today endorsed not only Earth Day celebrations scheduled this weekend, but the mass demonstrations against the Bush Administration scheduled over the next few days during President Bush's tour of the state.

As people mark Earth Day's 36th anniversary, they should also note the major role the Bush Administration has taken in helping harm the environment, charged the Greens, who said their members are being encouraged statewide to also join in major protests against the President this weekend.

"Any claims by President Bush that he, or his administration supports green alternatives are worse than spin they are outright lies. And his visit to the fuel cell facility on Earth Day in Sacramento is pure hypocrisy," said Pat Driscoll, GPCA spokesperson in Sacramento. Driscoll noted that the Bush Administration continues to advocate for oil drilling in the sensitive Arctic regions, and has blocked any U.S. support for the Kyoto Protocol.

The war in Iraq and hints at war in Iran are further evidence that the Bush Administration is working to destroy the planet, and people, for profit and to further the U.S. addiction to oil.

"Despite the misinformation coming from Washington, the voters understand that something is very wrong with our nation's energy policies every time they go to the gas station and notice the skyrocketing price of gas, which this week topped out at above $3 a gallon," said Susan King, GPCA spokesperson in San Francisco.

"The Green Party of California believes we should begin by ending this oil war in Iraq, and bring our troops home immediately. We should then work together to find a sane way out of the environmental quagmire the ruling parties in this country, the Republican and Democratic, have created for us and future generations," added Driscoll.


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