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Greens voice full support for Monday's immigration rights marches, rallies; Suggest legislation for amnesty, equality for immigrants


SACRAMENTO (April 10, 2006) - Criticizing both Republican and Democrat solutions to the immigrant rights situation, Green Party of California members said today they propose full "equality" and amnesty" for 12 million undocumented workers.

Greens said they are actively supporting Monday's National Day of Action in California, expected to draw one million or more people in hundreds of actions nationwide, and dozens in California.

Among demonstrations Monday supported by Greens are those in Sacramento at the State Capitol and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) offices there, and ones in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Ana, Fresno, Chico, Bakersfield and Oakland.

In the wake of massive statewide rallies several weeks ago, Green Party spokespeople criticized proposals - including those offered by the Senate - which would criminalize immigrants, without offering "amnesty" and "equality" for all undocumented workers.

Unlike those in the Democratic and Republican parties, Green Party candidates for U.S. Senate said not only is HR4437 deserving of failure, but the so-called "compromise" Senate bill is also unfair for the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants.

"Nothing short of equality is acceptable," said Todd Chretien, a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Tian Harter, another Green running for the nomination to oppose incumbent Diane Feinstein in November, added: "We need amnesty for those who are here."


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