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Green Party of California expresses outrage at expulsion by Secretary of State of Peace & Freedom Party from ballot


SACRAMENTO (February 3, 2006) - The Green Party of California today joined a chorus of other pro-democracy voices in expressing outrage at the decision by the Secretary of State to expel the Peace & Freedom Party from the ballot before the June Primary.

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson said Wednesday that the venerable, 1960's born Peace & Freedom Party was being removed as an official party because its voter registration had fallen below necessary levels in the state. This leaves only five parties, including the Green Party, as those with candidates appearing on the June ballot.

"This is a blow to the democratic principles of this state and this country. The secretary has arbitrarily decided to remove the Peace & Freedom Party from the ballot, disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters and further entrenching the dominant parties," said Larry Cafiero, the Green Party's liaison to the Secretary of State.

In fact, according to electoral expert Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, the law does not support the ruling by the Secretary of State.

"McPherson is violating this law by applying the review before a gubernatorial election, not following a gubernatorial election," said Winger, who added that the Reform Party was allowed to stay on the ballot in 2000 and 2002 despite declining registration.

While political parties must have their qualifications reviewed - parties must achieve 2 percent or more of the votes in a statewide election or increase their overall registration following each gubernatorial election - McPherson has misapplied the law.

"The law is not being fairly applied by the Secretary of State. We strongly urge he reconsider his decision, which will benefit the voters of California and satisfy the democratic principles we all hold so dear," said Susan King, the GPCA spokesperson.


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