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Governor's ‘pet project' deserved the axe, note Greens, who give superior court judge a ‘Green for a Day' award

For immediate release: Wednesday, July 23, 2005

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SACRAMENTO (July 22, 2005) – The Green Party of California Friday said the decision late Thursday by a Superior Court judge here to toss a key proposition – the legislative redistricting plan – from the November Special Election was probably a good thing because of the abuse of power exhibited by the governor and his business cronies.

Noting that the initiative process was designed by Gov. Hiram Johnson last century to "give a voice to the people," not special interests who already control the halls of the Legislature through big money campaign contributions, the Greens said the governor corrupted the process by trying to also buy – and cheat – his way onto the ballot.

"The Judge gets the ‘Green for a Day' award for thwarting the governor's attempt to break the ballot qualifying rules. Gov. Schwarzenegger's redistricting plan would have consolidated power - the antithesis of green democracy" said Tom Bolema, member of the GPCA Coordinating Committee from Los Angeles.

And, GPCA spokesperson Beth Moore Haines of Nevada City said it was simply wrong for the state to be spending tens of millions of dollars while many Californians are so needy.

"It's unfortunate that the Governor feels justified in siphoning $70 million desperately needed tax dollars for his pet project special election, but didn't bother proofreading. Dropping redistricting means voters now waste that $70 million for a few remaining ballot items. Is this the best he can do?," she said.


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