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Green Party of California

Special election is governor's ‘great battle' in an economic war against the working people of state, charge Greens

For immediate release: Monday, June 13, 2005

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SACRAMENTO (June 13, 2005) – The Green Party of California Monday said a multi-million special election in November called by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger late Monday would hurt workers in the state, while benefitting already wealthy business special interests.

"As Greens we believe in fair elections, and in this case, the governor's special interest friends have bought this election – and are forcing the rest of us to pay for it," said Pat Driscoll, a member of the Green Party of Sacramento county council and former congressional candidate.

Estimates suggest the election would cost in the $45 million to $80 million range, monies that come straight from the pockets of workers, said Driscoll.

"The governor has just launched ‘the great battle' in the economic war he is waging on behalf of corporate special interests against the working people of California," said Driscoll, who noted recent polls show voters strongly oppose to the special election.

Driscoll suggested that there is no immediate need for this special election, and that if people are dissatisfied with their state lawmakers, they should vote them out in 2006.

"Certainly, the Green Party believes Democrats and Republicans generally have failed the people of this state. But we wouldn't want a special election to throw them out. We can wait until the next election," said Driscoll.

Hugo Vera, president of the Sacramento chapter of the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), said the governor is simply not doing his job.

"He should not be creating legislation for his friends in business, but acting as a chief executive to benefit all of the people in this state. There are bills headed his way that will raise the embarrassingly low minium wage, provide health care for all Californians and apologize for the illegal deportation of 400,000 citizens of Mexican descent by the state in the 1930s. He should sign these bills, not spend money we don't have," said Vera.


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