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Green Party of California

California Greens celebrate the ‘legacy' of Cesar Chavez, honor his sacrifices, commitment to peace, social justice

For immediate release: Thursday, March 31, 2005

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SACRAMENTO, Ca. (March 31, 2005) – The Green Party of California joined with other political organizations and the people of California, and the nation, to commemorate the life of farm labor leader Cesar Chavez this week.

Greens participated in a march around the State Capitol to honor the revered farm worker organizer in Sacramento this past week, and will join in dozens of events statewide over the next few days, including marches in Los Angeles (Saturday) and San Francisco (Sunday).

"Cesar Chavez's legacy of dignity and respect, not just for farm workers, but for all humanity and the environment, will remain forever as a beacon to all of us fighting for justice in this world," said Aimee Allison, a Green Party candidate for Oakland City Council May 7.

And, Nativo Lopez, a member of the Green party and president of the Mexican American Political Association, said this week that Cesar Chavez guided generations of social justice activists.

"Cesar was the greatest advocate within the Latino community for the principles of non-cooperation and non-violence with the system of social injustice. His legacy lives on with the thousands of labor and social activists he mentored," said Lopez, who joined the Green Party last year and urged other Latino organizations to do the same because he said Greens represent the best hope for them.


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