Green Party of California

Green Party of California Platform

Ecology & Earth Stewardship Social Justice & Liveable Communities Peace & Nonviolence
We understand that humans are but one part of the ecosystem, and that we have a unique responsibility to develop an understanding of environmental sustainablility and to live and promote practices that support it.
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We are committed to establishing relationships that honor diversity and we are working to confront the barriers of racism, sexism, heterosexism, class oppression, ageism, and the many ways our culture separates us.
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If a nation, and a people, prepare for violence, they will create a violent world. Conversely, if they prepare for peace, that is what they will achieve. We advocate a fundamental change in the way we socialize our citizens, structure our institutions, and relate to the planet and its people.
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Democracy & Electoral Reform Community-Based Sustainable Economics 10 Key Values
We are committed to mobilizing the participation of large numbers of people at the local level and we challenge the notion that only experienced politicians and expert bureaucrats are needed in Sacramento and Washington.
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We favor community-based economics as an alternative to an economy owned by either government or gigantic corporations. It is our firm belief that economic vitality and ecological sanity are not mutually exclusive.
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Ecological Wisdom
Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice
Community-Based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Global Responsibility
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Political Vision

Because the Earth community is imperiled and the current political system has proved ineffective, Green politics has arisen worldwide through Green parties and kindred grassroots movements.

The Green Party of California was formed in 1990-91 when more than 103,000 pragmatic visionaries changed their voter registration to "Green" and thereby qualified the new party for the state-level ballot in California. The Green Party of California stands on two legs: one in electoral work (initiatives, referenda and candidates), and one in community projects and grassroots social-change movements that are compatible with the Green vision. That vision is based on Ten Key Values adopted by the U.S. Green movement.

Through political application of these values, we seek to repair and create bonds of community that have been weakened or destroyed by economic, political and social dynamics.

We welcome all Californians who share the Green vision. Join us in creating a new politics.

As Greens we understand humans are but one part of the ecosystem with a unique responsibility. That responsibility is to develop an understanding of environmental sustainability and to live and promote those practices which support it. Ecologically sound principles of living can guarantee protection for the Earth and all its people.

Our commitment to ecological wisdom leads us to take natural systems as a model for human interaction. The interconnectedness of all things has helped us to realize that our practices of generating "waste" separate us from natural systems; in nature degraded matter is decomposed and returned to the web of life as nutrients. Our commitment to environmental justice has helped us to understand that in a closed system we all live downstream and downwind. Of special importance is the need to rectify the practice of "toxic racism."

Platform Background

The platform of the Green Party of California is the product of many hundreds of hours of effort by members of the Green Party from around the state, especially those who came together in the Platform Working Groups of the GPCA. To submit comments or questions about the platform, please visit the platform working group website.

The 2002 Platform is available in printable PDF format (891k). The 2005 Addendum (to the 2002 Platform) is also available in pdf format.

Platform Summary

The Platform Summary is an abbreviated version of the GPCA Platform for use in tabling or for easy reference.

Remember that the files above are summaries; in-depth study, research, and decisions should be based on the fill text of the platform as presented in these web pages